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Collaborate means working together to transform your organisation.

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Developing lasting change across your business, working with your teams, to ensure maximum benefit as quickly as possible.

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Organisational development strategy

Ensuring that your organisation is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Developing self-managed and empowered teams to drive your business forward.

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Cultural audits and planning

Culture cannot be seen but you work hard in a business to develop it. We can help you to ensure that what you have developed continues to shine through as you grow.

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Psychometric testing and behavioural assessments

Using the Lumina suite of psychometrics, we will support your employees to raise their self-awareness, be more effective and support the development of your business as a result.

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Working with your business to use Agile principles in support of growth and change. Enabling the organisation to pivot and move as you grow.

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1-1 Coaching and Workshops

Coaching programmes to support individuals looking to work at specific areas for development along with workshops to develop leaders and managers as coaches.

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Employee engagement programmes

Making sure your messages are shared in the most effective way possible, we develop effective engagement programmes to fit your needs.

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Bespoke training programmes

Focusing on leadership and management programmes, along with managing change, Collaborate will develop training to suit your business needs.

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