Beyond Transactional

Collaborate empower leaders to go beyond the transactional, delivering truly transformational connections and conversations across organisations, so that people feel valued and inspired.

Our Values


We are passionate about our business and will be passionate about yours.


We offer imaginative fit for purpose solutions, challenging the status quo.


Our intellectually inquisitive style enables us to understand your organisation and requirements.


We see the bigger picture and develop it into workable solutions.

The award winning Collaborate

Time to go beyond transactional

Collaborate’s passion is in supporting organisations to move beyond the transactional; moving beyond transactional conversations and relationships, to drive lasting change, connected teams and truly inspiring organisations.  Our style is inquisitive and creative.  Collaborate underpin their work with the Lumina suite of psychometrics, to enable our clients to experience the next generation in psychometrics.  They are a pivotal part of our award awarding solutions to clients who include The NHS and the WWF-UK.

What we do to help

We are licensed to use the Lumina suite of leading-edge psychometric tools to help you, your employees, your teams and your organisation, to recognise and achieve their full potential.

Consultancy Solutions

We provide bespoke solutions at each phase of your organisation’s lifecycle

• Start-ups and Scale-ups
• Developing Organisations
• Mergers and Acquisition

Training Solutions

Individual, team and whole organisation bespoke training

• Training as a Team
• Training Individuals
• Organisation Wide Training

What our clients say

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