Lumina Emotion

What is Lumina Emotion?

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Lumina Emotion teaches us

how to manage our personality effectively to suit changing contextual demands, whatever our traits may be.​
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Lumina Emotion uses

the Big5 model of personality to demonstrate that personality traits actually cover the majority of traditional emotional competencies.
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Lumina Emotion takes

a holistic and balanced view, recognising that all traits can be helpful and effective in their own way.

Why Lumina Emotion?

Industry leaders now see emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 competencies needed to succeed. Lumina Emotion focuses on our agility in understanding, adapting and managing our emotions day to day in order to guide effective thinking and meaningful behaviour.

Lumina Emotion develops an understanding the value of different emotional responses and enables the adapting of your behaviour and responding appropriately. It helps you to notice and understand your emotions and then channel your behaviour towards our goals and values.

Lumina and Collaborate

How do Collaborate use Lumina Emotion?

We have embedded Lumina Emotion into our coaching programme, supporting individuals on a 1-1 basis to develop awareness and tools to best manage their own emotions.

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