Lumina Leader

What is Lumina Leader?

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Lumina Leader helps you

to understand how your personality determines your leadership style. 

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Lumina Leader gives

confidence in your own authentic leadership style.

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Lumina Leader develops

executives who add genuine value to your organisation.

Why Lumina Leader?

People can be leaders in title but not display the attributes of leadership.  Leaders face mounting demands, a high pressure working life and exposure to multiple stakeholders.  Leaders are required to be more versatile and resilient when leading in times of change, and motivating people to be high performers.

Lumina Leader provides leaders with information that is hard to get elsewhere.  It reveals an accurate view of the unique leadership style.  It also points to blockers and blind spots and recommends ways to avoid them.  It increases self awareness, decision making capability and confidence to lead others in times of increased competition and ambiguity.  Lumina Leader is a self diagnostic tool but has the capability to undertake a 360 peer review.

Lumina and Collaborate

How do Collaborate use Lumina Leader?

Collaborate deliver individual feedback in a two hour coaching session.  If a leadership team have all completed their portraits as part of a development programme, a team session can be facilitated to share the output and understand the implications and impact when working together.

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