Lumina Sales

What is Lumina Sales?

Lumina Sales scientifically enables you to develop your people and to grow your revenue. By understanding how your qualities support the sales process, and mitigating the impact of your overextensions, you land more sales. By focusing on return on relationship you simultaneously maximise return on investment.

Why Lumina Sales?

Lumina Sales gives professionals self-awareness. What are my preferences? Where are my bright spots and blind spots? What do I overdo and what do I not do enough of? It helps to ensure that the best day they have in sales is the one that’s still ahead of them.  It will drive a common language to enable sales leaders to become active team coaches and enable a deeper understanding of how to meet the client’s business goals challenges and needs. It will support the creation self-awareness about how your personality influences your sales outcomes and enables an approach to sales negotiations naturally, collaboratively, and with confidence.

Lumina and Collaborate

How do Collaborate use Lumina Sales?

Working directly with sales teams, Collaborate ensure that the team is aligned to their individual preferences; supporting sales growth and prosperity for the whole organisation.

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